Shared Visions

Join Ars Nova Singers for the climactic final program of its 38th season, as we proudly present Shared Visions—a remarkable interdisciplinary collaboration that brings together artists from across Colorado. This multi-year project began with a gallery featuring 24 captivating works by eight visual artists. Poets from across the state were then invited to engage with these works, using them as a wellspring of inspiration to create new poetry. The resulting anthology, a testament to the shared visions between visual and literary artists, served as fertile ground for commissioned choral compositions by four talented Colorado composers. Now, as our audience, your presence and engagement will complete this cycle of inspiration and forge the final connection between these diverse artistic disciplines. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of this extraordinary collaboration, where shared visions come to life, hearts are moved, and spirits soar.

Our program also features Ralph Vaughan Williams’ beloved The Lark Ascending, in a new arrangement for violin and chorus, with special guest soloist Alex Gonzalez.

Below are the four chains of inspiration that this project has generated, and the 12 artists who have inspired each other.

Visual Artist: Chris DeKnikker, Fractions
Poet: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Holding Your Heart
Composer: Raul Dominguez, The Rings of Your Heart

Visual Artist: Michiko Theurer, amethyst
Poet: Hayden Dansky, Shattering Love
Composer: Leigha Amick, Shattering Love

Visual Artist: Raj Manickam, Freedom Night
Poet: Jennifer Gurney, Freedom Night
Composer: Paul Fowler, Freedom Night

Visual Artist: Margaret Josey-Parker, Riding It Out
Poet: Erin Robertson, Burning It Off
Composer: Tom Morgan, A Glimmer of Sun

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