Ready to join one of the nation’s most intrepid professional choirs?

Members of Ars Nova Singers are highly skilled musicians with extensive experience in choral singing and a desire to sing at the highest levels of vocal ensemble performance. We welcome the opportunity to hear and connect with singers who share our passion for the choral art. Auditions for the 2022-2023 season are now closed. However, we will schedule an individual audition for qualified candidates at any time during the year, and place new singers as openings arise in the ensemble.


1) Ensemble Singers – up to 28-32 positions available. These singers are the essential heart of the ensemble; the expectation is that these singers will participate in all full-ensemble projects. All of these singers receive a stipend each semester.

2) Ensemble Extras – variable number of positions available per project. These are singers who wish to participate in the ensemble, but can only commit to certain projects during the season. These singers receive a stipend on a per-project basis. 

3) Choral Pros – 10 Positions available. This is our fully paid core of professional singers (paid for every rehearsal and performance) who serve as soloists and musical leaders; these singers may also occasionally lead a choral sectional. The expectation is that these persons have professional vocal experience and/or advanced degrees in music, and demonstrate a high level of vocal proficiency.

• The professional singers in these positions are expected to blend and balance as an independent ensemble of 10 singers, and who will present pieces on each program as an ensemble. Choral Pros are expected to commit to all projects (all rehearsals and performances) in an entire SEMESTER, as the rehearsals and repertoire will overlap from project to project.
• Choral Pros should generally expect to come 45 minutes ahead of  most “full group” rehearsals (6:45pm, as presently scheduled), and will have a few additional rehearsals during the year (see preliminary schedule).

4) Divisi Ringers – as needed; number of positions is variable by project. These are professional singers who wish to participate, but are unable to commit to the full season schedule. These singers must have superior reading and vocal skills, learn the music on their own, and attend 3 rehearsals for each project (the final two rehearsals and one other, to be negotiated). These singers are contracted and paid for every service they attend.


REVIEW – Please review the information on the 37th Season Preliminary Singers’ Schedule, which lists our projects and all rehearsal and performance dates. Preference will be given to singers who are able to commit to the full schedule.

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW – when submitted, your information will be reviewed and you will receive information about scheduling an individual audition.

AUDITION – The 25-minute audition will include one prepared song (any language; can be an excerpt from a choral piece; selections from art song, oratorio, or opera repertoire preferred), and short exercises in sight-reading, tonal memory, vocal color, range, and intonation. An accompanist is provided. Auditions are held at First United Methodist Church, 1421 Spruce Street in downtown Boulder; free on-site parking is available.


To be considered for a Choral Pro or Divisi Ringer position, please submit the following materials on the form below:

a) A current vocal resumé or curriculum vitae.
b) An audition recording, demonstrating current or recent solo work; may include either excerpts or complete pieces.
c) A written description of your voice, including your strengths and weaknesses, your comfortable solo range, and preferred voice part in 8-part choral divisi.
d) Two references, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Questions? Email Artistic Director Tom Morgan.