Shared Visions returns in 2024! This is an interdisciplinary collaborative project featuring works by Colorado visual artists, poets, composers, and performers, coordinated and presented by Ars Nova Singers. First presented in 2016 and again in 2019, this project brings together Colorado artists in a unique way, building a community of artistic inspiration and culminating in a performance of new music by Ars Nova Singers in June 2024.

At the first stage (May–September, 2023) we assembled an online gallery of 24 works by eight Colorado visual artists. Colorado writers and poets accessed these visual artworks, and selected one (or more) as a basis for writing new poetry. The poetry and visual art were gathered into a beautiful anthology and given to four Colorado composers. In turn, these composers selected poetry that inspired them and began setting the words to new music for voices. These new choral pieces will be performed by Ars Nova Singers at our June 2024 performances.

Below are the four chains of inspiration that this project has generated, and the 12 artists who have inspired each other.

Visual Artist: Chris DeKnikker, Fractions
Poet: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Holding Your Heart
Composer: Raul Dominguez

Visual Artist: Michiko Theurer, amethyst
Poet: Hayden Dansky, Shattering Love
Composer: Leigha Amick

Visual Artist: Raj Manickam, Freedom Night
Poet: Jennifer Gurney, Freedom Night
Composer: Paul Fowler

Visual Artist: Margaret Josey-Parker, Riding It Out
Poet: Erin Robertson, Burning It Off
Composer: Tom Morgan