Our season begins with some of the most expressive music for voices ever conceived. In November we will present WONDER, featuring the colorfully imaginative music of Carlo Gesualdo, the late Renaissance Italian eccentric. We still marvel at the ways Gesualdo stretched the musical language of his day with chromaticism and word painting. An ensemble of ten singers will present selections from Gesualdo’s late madrigals, composed between 1590 and 1610. The program will feature guest instrumentalists Sandra Wong (violin and nykelharpa) and Ann Marie Morgan (viola da gamba).

This concert will be performed without intermission and will last approximately 80 minutes.

Tom Morgan, Artistic Director and Conductor
Sandra Wong, Violin and Nyckelharpa
Ann Marie Morgan, Viola da gamba

Carlo Gesualdo, Madrigals from Books 5 & 6

Book 5, No. 1 – Gioite voi col canto
Book 5, No. 7 – Felicissimo sonno
Book 5, No. 14 – Asciugate i begli occhi
Book 6 , No. 5 – Chiaro risplender suole
Book 6, No. 20 – Tu segui, o bella Clori
Book 6, No. 22 – Già piansi nel dolore

Fraser Wilson, Wishes
Howard Skempton, Grown About by Fragrant Bushes

Download the digital concert program here (PDF).